The Ultimate Family Adventure!
Step into the worldof Jurassic
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the mystery of
Jurassic life
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Tyrannosarus Rex
Meet the most
fearsome dinosaur
face to face!
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You can buy tickets online or at the door. Any questions:

313 719 7199 (please call between 9am-7pm)

7636 Ternes Street, Dearborn, MI 48126

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The most memorable adventure for the whole family!

T. REX PLANET offers a range of fun and engaging activities designed to appeal to and engage all members of the family. Walk through our live dinosaur and fossil exhibits learning interesting facts about each one. Our massive Mamenchisaurus and two Tyrannosaurus rexs’ are sure to make you feel quite small. Then head on over to our ongoing concert with our three dinosaur band who play catchy tunes about dinosaurs that even adults will enjoy. Tickets are purchased at the event or online.

For Ticket prices please scroll down and click on the event you wish to attend.


Children under the age of 1 get in for free.

Kids can choose from many activities that they may never have an opportunity to experience again such as dancing with the dinosaur band or digging up a dinosaur fossil or even riding a friendly walking dinosaur. As for mementos, you can purchase a mini replica of your favorite dinosaur.

$3 off ticket price per military ID at Box Office.(Discount not available for online purchases)

$3 off ticket price for senior citizens at Box Office.(Discount not available for online purchases)

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